First SDK Release after Split

Hey Monkeys,


I’ve thought quite some time about a foreword about that SDK split and everything but let’s keep it short:
There are thousands of opinions regarding the future of the SDK and also there’s a saying “There are no good decisions, only less worse”.
I know that many people are glad to see the SDK being continued and I know there are people being mad at me for still supporting the SDK instead of developing new kewl command line toolz.
However that’s the beauty of Open Source: You are free to do what you want to do.
For my part as I wouldn’t profit from standalone tools or the liberty to choose your IDE (I work with whatever is available), I’ll try my best to support the SDK even if a command line tool would require less googling wierd netbeans stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Luckily I’ve discovered I’m not alone. There are people as dedicated to help as I am, we just needed that split to coordinate us in a good way.
Keep in mind that the split now simply means “You are free to choose your Environment”. You can still use the SDK however you can also use your command line.

Main Part

It’s been quite a long time since the last official SDK release (namely August 2015). There were already 330 commits to the Engine itself and quite some Enhancement to the SDK.
I will however only focus on the changes since the engine version alpha-2 below.

Release Schedule

So since we are now independant of the core engine, we’ll try to follow the following scheme for our releases:

  • Once the newer engine version is out (like alpha-3), we’ll see that as
    the deadline for our alpha-2 release. That means after alpha-3 is
    out, you will have the SDK being based on alpha-2 as final version.

  • Ocassionally we release SNAPSHOTS which are irregularly generated
    during development so when you use the SNAPSHOT version, keep sure to
    check it’s release date as it might have been replaced with a newer

Release Naming-Convention
This is really simple: The Name will be directly linked to the used engine version, however we might add an -SNAPSHOT or have a 3.1.0-alpha2.5 which would be alpha2 with revision 5 of the SDK. However this is only relevant for the development snapshots as the final release will always be called after the engine version.


For this changes I’d like to thank @Ali_RS, @Dokthar, @normen and @RiccardoBlb aswell as all pre-alpha2 contributors. Those are the guys who are bringing the SDK to you!

Improved building / Issue Tracking Documents
Yeah, this is probably the most important since writing documentary is the developers natural enemy :stuck_out_tongue:
I did this so we can encourage other contributors (Reporting Issues also means contributing and is the most needed atm!)
See [here] (sdk/docs at master · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub) for documents.

Updated Bundled Software
The Installers are now shipped with the Oracle JDK 8u44-b02 which was the most recent at the time of writing. (Note: This means you don’t have to install any JRE/JDK on your system, it work’s out of the box :slight_smile: )

The Installers are now shipped with Blender 2.76b which was the most recent at the time of writing.
Note: We recommend you to use the bundled Blender as it offers tighter integration with the SDK (See further down in the changelog)

Fixed the Scene Composer so it works as intended
This is all @Dokthar’s work, really great stuff, check it out:

Upgraded to Netbeans 8.1
You probably won’t notice this one, but hey, it’s been updated :slight_smile:

Tighter Blender Integration
This has always been present (but with a little bug) and was simply lacking attention it seems:
You can double click any .fbx, .dae or .3ds file in your Assets to make it convert to .j3o.
There are also Rightclick options to convert it to .blend or .j3o (in case you want to edit it in blender).

Note: that this will simply use Blenders Importing Methods to create a blend file, whereas the engine-team is working on a direct .fbx->.j3o importer.
Note: Currently there is a bug which prevents fbx->blend->j3o on some files because the BlenderImport gives up. Also only binary fbx files are supported.

Use the Monkey Logo for the Windows .exe
Fixed a small crash when trying to edit a filter outside of the asset root
Fixed a bug related to the MouseWheel when using the Terrain Editor

Where to get it/what to get?

Right now there is only the alpha-2-SNAPSHOT available but since alpha-3 could drop tomorow, it’s pretty much the final alpha-2.
Just make sure to visit the Releases Page frequently as we will NOT announce each new SDK Release.
As I previously said, they will happen right after the core releases so take the Core Announcements as SDK Announcements.

But what to get?
Basically you have two versions: - This file is OS independent and only contains the bare SDK in a Portable Version. This means you MUST have a JDK installed and configured locally and the Blender Integration won’t work either.
You might use this to update the SDK rather than reinstalling it.

jmonkeyplatform-windows-x86.exe - If you’re uncertain, pick this. This is the Installer with the JDK and Blender bundled, it’ll take care of everything.
If you’re on an 64bit Computer, pick -x64 instead.
If you are uncertain, google on how to find out.

Thanks for your Time,
The SDK Team


Awesome work @Darkchaos

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As the guys over at Star Citizen say, NOICE!

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I am one. Even though I don’t use it personally I think it’s great to continue it.

Only crazy-entitled people can get mad at someone for doing the ‘work for free’ that they choose to do. Haters gonna hate… crazy gonna be crazy. :smile:

Alpha3 scheduled to be tagged at ~3:00 AM early Monday morning EST.


I’m extremely grateful that the SDK is continuing. Thanks @Darkchaos. I’m sure I could use the cmd tools if I were forced to, but I like the SDK and I enjoy opening it to do my game dev. Can’t wait. Also, @pspeed I assume there will be another blog post sometime after Alpha3 drops?


Still trying to think of a way to scan the control classes… It’s way harder than I thought it will be.

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I’ll for sure post something to the forum… but these ‘every two week’ releases probably don’t deserve as much fanfare.

Many thanks to the SDK team.

I really appriciate your efforts.

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@Darkchaos we are really glad to have you and appreciate your effort to keep SDK alive . :grinning:


My congratulations and thanks to DarkChaos and the SDK Team. You have all done a great thing for the jME community. I also wish to thank Normen and Nehon for getting the SDK to 3.0 stable.


@Darkchaos what will we do now about relase schedule when there are weekly-ish engine relases?
Try to keep up or just relase when we feel that some work has been done?

Biweekly. Until beta.

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From my side, thanks team SDK and everyone else involved.
You guys all make me very very happy.

Thanks team.

I feel like a missed something - I’ve been away from jmonkeyengine for a couple months, so jmonkeyengine and the GUI that it comes with are now separate?

Is there a post or howto or docs around on how to use them both together?

We’ll also do weekly (or rather bi-weekly) releases.
It’s just two keypresses to release a new SDK version, so we’ll release a new version even if there are no changes to the SDK itself. Just so that the user can use the new engine version.

Yes and no. If you really mean GUI, Nifty is still bundled with JME. If you mean the SDK (as in Netbeans IDE), nothing really changed either.

Just visit the upper release link and always download the latest version.
Then everything is as it was before. Only the release cycles/repositories have been split so far.

okay cool sorry for the noob question :slight_smile:

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@ndebruyn The Issue is now fixed.
In roughly one hour, there’ll appear a 3.1-alpha3-SNAPSHOT on github which is actually this compiled commit.

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new 3d gizmo for scenecomposer tools will be available in the next snapshot :
:wink: @javasabr



Hi guys,
@Darkchaos, just to confirm, the open of a new scene object now work.

Also, @Dokthar, I love the new gizmo. Super cool.

BUG: When double clicking on a .j3m or .j3o file, it doesn’t open the editor. I need to right click on choose open.