Fixed a big bug in TangentBinormalGenerator

Hello monkeys, i’ve just fixed this issue : TangentBinormalGenerator fails with simple Box · Issue #252 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

It revealed a big bug in the TBG, and I’m afraid it was generating wrong tangents since ages.
So for you guys that are using the master, could you please try to regenrate tangents on your normal mapped models and see if it stills work / work better (it should).


This time I hope it looks good :wink:

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Maybe it is a stupid question, but is that possible to grab the new code and put it somewhere into my project? Will it work with 3.0?
I’m calling generate() for every spatial manually.

Yes the TBG is a very stand alone class with no other dependency.
Grab it on master, put it in your project and make sure to call this one.

Ok, I just did that. All my models are simple, so I’m not sure if I’m able to see any difference. Anyway, the scene looks good, so you did not ruined anything :). And it’s good to know that I’m using fixed one. Thank you.

heheh that’s already a good thing :wink:

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Omg. My guy is still alive. :smile:
Good news. But i don’t use jme right now. Sorry, cannot test now.