Flat shaded box

Is there some way to have a box geometry use flat shading? Whenever I apply the shaded texture, it always smooth shades it and I can’t figure out how to make it flat shaded.

How are the normals being generated for the mesh?

You need to make sure each side has its own set of vertices so that the normals are not averaged across the sides. In Blender you achieve this by selecting (In Edit mode) Faces/Shade flat. In jMonkeyEngine, the default Box is flat shaded, right?

@rickard Edit mode? I’m not using the SDK. I’m hard coding it in Intellij. I create the box geometry, assign the color to the material and use lighting.j3md. When I run my code, the box has smooth shading. I just want to know if there is some way I can make the box geometry have smooth shading.

Can you post the code?

I think you missed a word here.

Do you want smooth shading or not? The code you’ve described will make a flat shaded box if you’ve properly setup lighting. It will never make a “smooth shaded box” unless your definition of “smooth shaded” is wrong or your detection of “smooth shaded” is wrong.