Flesh Snatcher : FPS / Survival

Hello everyone !

I’m a french developer (I specify to explain my awful english…) and I’d like to present the demo of a game I work on since the end of 2009 :

Name : Flesh Snatcher

Type : FPS / Survival

Players : 1

Engine : JMonkey 2.0

JVM : 1.5 and more

OS : Windows / Unix / Linux / MacOS

License : Open source / GPL

Download : http://sourceforge.net/projects/fleshsnatcher/

Unzip flesh_snatcher.zip and read the instructions.txt file to see how to play.

I must inform that some elements are yet temporary, like ennemies (you’ll understand why :smiley: ), or the second level which was a test-map but which I kept to make the demo a bit longer !

A little screenshot ? (it could be called “precarious balance” :stuck_out_tongue: )


Of course, I wait with joy your comments, to help me improve the gaming experience, be merciless :smiley: !

Thank you for your attention !


Runs flawlessly on my machine. Had a really great feel to it. Those swarms can get brutal sometimes!

Great work so far my friend! Keep it up!


Ha ha ! Thank you very much !

Next step : Java Web Start deployment, to lauch it easier :wink: , and of course work on the next levels !

Seeing the screenshot, if I were you, I would create different textures. They don’t look good - two barrels with the same texture. On the other side, the textures are pretty well made.

Works perfectly on my macbook with a gfx card only supporting opengl 1.x (intel gma 950), framerates are most likely above 40.

Quite frightening being attacked by hordes of matrix-like bullet dodging, rabies infected triangles :D, and quite tiering playing with a touchpad (like any fps) :stuck_out_tongue:

All and all, a nice demo. It has potential :wink:

Yes, you’re right, it’s a bit repetitive, but I must confess it’s one of the only textures I have that render very well, so I abused of it beyond reason !! Seriously, I was told that one of the interests of the project is its old-school aspect, so I thought that barrels will accord to that :wink: . Bu that’s right,t more of variety would be an asset :slight_smile: ! I think I’ll improve this first level later…

Wow I am impressed.

First of all, I like the level designs. This game reminds me of Doom in alot of ways and that is a very good thing.

My only complaint is that when I went to get the red card key, I fell behind the crate and was stuck. Had to restart the game and lost my place.


Thank you very much, I must say one goal of the project is to be compatible with slowest chipsets ! I test myself the game on a PC from 2006 with a GMA chipset :wink: .

The demoniac triangles will be temporary, They’ll be soon replaced by good zombies or something like that :smiley: .

Thanx again for your comment !


Thank you very much for the compliments !

I re-tested the demo and you’re right for the “dead zone” :frowning: after the red card… Sorry, I’ll repair that for the next demo :confused:


just to say that the game is now playable by web browser at this adress :


The demo contents is almost the same, except some improvements, like :

  • new blood textures
  • correction of a gravity bug
  • enemies more agressive
  • screen shaking effect when we shoot
  • inventory displayed in the HUD
  • new display system of taken, needed, used objects

    I must say that the save system doesn’t work since now because of the deployment, but I’ll try to repair that quickly :wink: .

    I wish you a good test :slight_smile: .


Today I put a new demo version online, with a new IA partially based on path finding !

I must say I didn’t put path finding everywhere, but only in 3 areas : the 2nd level of the parking (don’t try to go into the “bunker” :smiley: ), the hallway with the red moving shadows, and the zone with the blue card. Elsewhere there was no real need because “monsters” can see the player from everywhere.

Otherwise, it seems there’s a problem of files updating, so if you have already played you must clean your Java internet temporary files :frowning: .

Then, you can launch the demo from this page : http://fleshsnatcher.sourceforge.net/demo/ .

good test :wink: .

very good demo indeed, congratulations! and Good luck in future development. I played and enjoyed it (the bullet dodging algorithm made my game more interesting) :slight_smile:

pretty good, but whats with the controls though? why not stick with WASD? everytime i took my hands off the keyboard, I got swarmed in monsters, tried to escape, but I kept pressing wrong keys >_<

Because WASD works really badly on a french keyboard, while ESDF works on most keyboard layouts I guess, but a solution for that should be made.http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b9/KB_France.svg/500px-KB_France.svg.png

that would explain it, i didn’t think about that, thanks

ZQSD should work on all French keyboards I would guess, other keys might have ghosting problems.

Must test :slight_smile:

I dont know why (maybe because of my wireless internet access), I cant start this game.

I go to Flesh Snatcher and press play and java webstart always complains “Splash: recv failed” (with and without comodo firewall).

Well, Im downloading it from sourceforge now.

cool game. Very impressive!!!

Do you have any plans to make something like left4dead? I mean a survival with different types of monsters and different levels and something like a quest?

And another question: do you have future plans to move the game to JME3?

Hello everyone :wink: .


Oh, thank you very much !

@wezrule, makeshift, EmpirePhoenix

Exactly, the keys choice was guided by compatibility with both QUERTY and AZERTY keyboards :wink: .


Hey, my first problem with Java Webstart :stuck_out_tongue: ! Well, it would be weird if it comes from the wireless connection… Does it happen at the beginning or the end of the download process ?


Thank you very much ! For the survival/horror aspect, different monsters and a quest, yes, well done, that’s exactly what I plan to do :stuck_out_tongue: !

For JME 3, I dont’t think I’ll migrate this project to it because one aspect of the game is its old-school graphics so I don’t need more functionnalities :wink: . But I have another project in mind whitch will use actually JME 3 !

Otherwise, yesterday I did an update of the online demo, which fixes several problems :

  • bug on explosions animations
  • collision bug on top of the parking accesses
  • “dead zone” behind the red card

    I also divided the levels loading time by 2 thanks to a new enemies intanciation method.

    So the content of the demo is almost the same, but for those who wish to test it’s always on http://fleshsnatcher.sourceforge.net/demo/ (after having cleaned your Java temporary files :wink: ).

    Otherwise, I began the LEVEL 2 ! Ambiance : middle-age and occultism :smiley: .

    This is what I made this week-end :

    I hope finishing the level next mounth :wink: .
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Man!!! I love survivals!!! Good luck!!

Please, post here a message about your future project when it will become true. I’ll be waiting for it.