FlyOverCamera needs some abstraction

By design, a FlyOverCamera is just implementing the ActionListener and the AnalogListener.

I am missing something like an overall CameraController. I’m at a point that I want to create a CameraManager that says: Enable this cam, Disable that cam. They could be of the type FlyOverCamera, but they could also be of a type like FirstPersonWalkCamera.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of interface or base class that supports these kind of features? I could build this myself, but then I would have to copy/wrap the FlyOverCamera.

Well usually this is used for cinematics.

Cinematic class has some camera management, you can attach a cam (it creates a CameraNode) and then activate it at a timestamp during the animation.

Please look at TestCinematic, maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

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I thought that the CameraNode and CameraControl were JME2. Very well! I’ll continue with that.

But maybe, this piece of documentation is a bit deceiving:[]=want&s[]=do

Use third-person view | Use default camera cam --> com.jme3.renderer.Camera

And I still believe that a bit of abstraction is a good thing though ;) FlyByCamera is implemented completely different than any other CameraNode or CameraControl will ever be.