Force at different positions in the object

Hi all,

sombody knows how to apply a continous force to different positions in the object at the same time?

Whats the difference between impulse force and continous force?

An impulse is just a short impulse to the node while a continuous force is continuously applied to the node… The names make it kinda obvious :wink: You have a location and force parameter for both, if you want to have multiple forces, you will have to combine them before applying.




i know how to combine different forces with the same location, but i dont know how to combine forces with different locations.

Actually its not true what I said, you can apply multiple forces, just not continuously. And you have to apply the impulses in the updatePhysics() call. So if you chain some applyImpulse() calls there they should stack I think…

Yeah, thank you, its working fine.

But it seems that a impulse is much stronger than a continuous force.

Uh yeah, you can also try to use applyForce, a continuous force just uses that each tick.