Found perfect resource for character animation: Motion Capture Data

Hey Folks,

at the moment i stumbled over a perfect resource for character animation.

The Carnegie Mellon University released its huge “Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database” 8 months ago.

This database contains 2500+ motion capture files, recorded from 144 Persons. So there are motions of every kind - walking, jumps, sports, fighting… :-o

The data are really professional, each file contains the T-Pose as rest-pose at frame1.

Take a look at the complete list of motions HERE

All further information, and the downloads can be found HERE

I’ll add this to the wiki resource page in a second as well.

Just wanted to anounce this…

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Imported a test case (just downloaded one at random) into blender with NO problemos!

if there was a contest for the best links contributed this would be at the top of my list :smiley:

THANX .:emp…imm0|82:. :slight_smile:

Now that's really cool, and on their database page ( they mention its all free for commercial use even…wow!



it's not just me who felt like  :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :smiley: :smiley: 8) 8) as i saw this.

And yes, these data is totaly free to use for any purposes!!!

@baxis: jep, i've imported some of them as well into blender and they are looking great!

Ok, they are rotated about 90 degrees (Top=Front), and sometimes the center is not in 0/0/0 but this is kinda easy to fix i guess. I'm really new to blender, so if you are more experienced with blender and character animation i really would like to ask you some questions.

according to this, i found a blender tutorial how to import a .bhv motioncapture file into blender, and how to connect it to a character-mesh.

Blender .bhv import an connecting it to a mesh

Pretty easy to get a first, quite acceptable result. To get it perfect some more effort has to be put into the correct vertex-weighting.

.:emp…imm0|82:. ask anything you would like; although I may not be able to help, since the link you posted is one I was looking for also :wink:

ok, so this is a good point to share knowlege.

I'll send u a pm with my icq#.

Because if we are both working on charAnimation right now, this might help a lot :wink:

And i guess we should open a new thread, where we document our achievments and discuss them with others, who are interested in moCap-based character animation with blender. Although this is kind of the wrong forum here  :expressionless:

I think we should definetly combine our efforts :slight_smile:

So far I have been able to use BVHacker combined with Blender to create a nice 152 frame walk cycle (152 frames would have taken forever by hand).  I am currently combining it to a mesh.  :slight_smile:

I was thinking I would get a Wiki page up with what I have accomplished so far (probably this weekend though)…

Steps to get where I am:

I used BVHacker to crop to the frames I wanted, then used it's handy feature called Knit to blend the loop and saved the new BVH file.  I then imported the BVH file into blender and removed the X/Z translational curve to get a nice in place walk cycle…

Ok, those infos about the croping of the .bvh files is cool, because many of the frames are needless or even useless.

And the info about how to achieve that the walkcycle is “staying in position” is cool as well.

I’ll have to ask you a few questions on both topics about the the “how to” :wink:

What i was trying to achieve is “puppeteering”, which means to assign the motion of the .bvh to a allready rigged character. I got some minor success… but somehow i wasn’t able to get it perfect. The prob seems to be, that the skeleton of the character has to match the skeleton of the .bvh perfectly.

But i don’t think we should discuss the progress in here further, because its just the announcement of the library.

I started another thread here to disuss the steps needed to use the date for nice characteranimations, which will improve our projects hopefully.


…dance my puppets…dance!  }:-@