Freeze / cover with Color a Model


I want to cover a model with a new Color, like for a freeze-effect or to differ units in colors(your team is red, mine is blue e.g.). Is this a shaderissue? Then i have no idea how to apply my shader the the material after the mat is loaded. I read the shader and material- tutorials all the way, but can’t figure that out. or do i need to create a material for each model-type and state?

Thanks for all hints! :wink:

Hmm… nothing? I don’t want a solution, i just want to know, wether its the proper way to use a shader for this, or i need an other workaround! :wink:

Sounds like you need a shader that uses a color uniform in some way and base your materials on that. For example, as I recall “Unshaded.j3md” can take a color and a texture and mix them. That’s an example of a case where you could give all of your players the same texture but each their own ‘color’… by having a material per player or whatever.

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Awesome, thats exactly the answer i hoped for! :slight_smile: If there are any results, i will post em! :wink: