Fresh & shiny road like in GTA V in jME


Hi, I am a noob. I want to make a road in jME that looks like roads in gta 5. I downloaded a road texture from the internet, created a material in jME sdk’s material editor with specular & normal maps and I was pretty happy with the result. But when I don’t see sun specular, the road looks like a s***. I found that Gta 5 road also reflects blue sky color, I think it can be done in jME with multiple specular light sources. So now I have a few questions.

  1. What lights (directional, point etc) are reflected in jme specular?
  2. Can I set two or more specular on one material? Is it possible to do that with built-in buttons/api?
  3. Can I manually set light’s specular direction / position

Thanks! Sorry for my poor english

I dont think its lights, it is more likely a reflected environment map.

I don’t think that it actually reflects the sky (That would require huge power), it’s maybe lit by a “blue lamp” or an ambient one.

And the other one is meant like: “it only works when I have a light spatial”? (This is usual and I guess it works for next to any light (except from ambient)

Maybe someone corrects me, but I would say that you can only have one specular map per material (And I wouldn’t see a reason why you would change that. Shinyness is Shinyness, how would it look like with multiple?)
But: You can have multiple Materials applied to some additional geometry (like a plane just above the road for each material)

At first you should set smooth normals to the road model,than read this:

Try mixing some Lighting.jm3d’s booleans and see the result.I think WardIso is what you’re searching for :smile:

Reflecting the skybox is not really expensive. I agree with Empire that it looks like a reflected environment map, with some roughness/shinyness material textures…

Just a guess …

really? I was just referring to the fact that several (< 10) lakes (SimpleWaterProcessors) are crucial.
On the other hand that might be because of the high number of Objects and the level of detail (which is not used in that case)

there is a big difference in reflecting an environment map, and reflecting a skybox :wink:

Your example requires a full environment map renderpass for each lake, while the skybox is more or less static.

Also in the gta screenshots the car itself does not get reflected on the road, thats why i guess its not a rendered environment map, but ‘just’ the skybox.

//Edit, i have seen that i missused the term environmentmap in my previous post. :frowning:

PBR anyone?
Not sure it was used in GTA5 though, but that really looks like it. So yeah that might at least be a reflection based on an env map.

Did not yet have the possibility to play with PBR, but i would have expected to see the cars and the Quad influencing the road ‘shinyness’

Also it kind of seems that shinyness of the road bleeds trough the shadow of the Quad. I tough that might be the result because the shadow does not influence the albedo already written… + HDR might make it less visible in a bright environment…

Beh, just guessing… but i find myself often to look at such scenes in games…

I wonder if this could also be done with a hemispherical light… though I agree that an environment map using the sky box image is probably most likely.

That looks like PBR to me…
PBR improves specular highlights significantly and makes them look closer to their real-world counterparts.