Frustum cuts off! A way to avoid this?


this question for sure is asked quite often!? But after searching the forum I didnt find a something useful:

I’m doing something like a 3D-Ego-Mode-Test and want have arms appear quite at the very beginning.

Well the near frustum is doing what it should be cut off everything nearer than 1.0f. Ok,…so now I have the problem with the backfaces that are not shown…everything clear. Here is a pic:

How can I avoid this? Is backface culling the word of choice!? I’m really frustrated…(maybe I’m too long at the computer already…) I would really like if someone could help me here…

EDIT: I know tried Cullstate.FACE.Front! That looked bit better,…but strange…


Thx, ToM

can't you draw the arms or weapon further on the side or lower on the screen, so that they don't get cut off by the frustum.

finally I changed the position a bit and the angle looking in the scene. And turned off all culling stuff! (Which

I still don’t understand the right way)  And now it looks like I wanted to do it this way :smiley:

Nevertheless thx and have a nice week (argh,…the weekend is over again)

EDIT: Now I have the problem that if for example I run beside a enemy (in image) it is cut off again. How can I do it, that it then just vanishes? Or how is the normal way to achieve this!?