Frustum in parallel projection inverts objects

Hello, I am trying to build an parallel view.
I used following frustum settings, to zoom out:

cam.setFrustum( 0, 20, -12, 12, -10, 10);

The result is, that I can see my scene only from below and the light is inverted. By the way my scene is not bigger than 10.
And Objects, that should be displayed are missing.

I believe, that someway the rendering is misplaced. Because when I place the camera in top of the objects, I can only see the rear side of the objects.
Maybe something with the size of the camera is wrong? I didn’t change it but used the build in camera from simpleApplication.

Hard to say what’s wrong, but Maybe you can see how it’s done in TestParallelProjection

What direction is the camera facing?

Instead of
cam.setFrustum( 0, 20, -12, 12, -10, 10);
cam.setFrustum( 0, 20, -12, 12, 10, -10);

Thank you! using

cam.setFrustum( 0, 20, -12, 12, 10, -10) ;

worked. Simply I didn’t see, that the last values were in the wrong way. Yes, first up than down.