Fuchsia os and jme compatibility

Nothing to say here. Just want to read some feedback from community.

This is the first I’ve heard of it. From the little bit I just read, I can really only state two things definitely:

  1. Unless Google does a whole lot of work to make the OS fully binary compatible with either Android or Linux, jME 100% will not run on it without being ported first.
  2. Google will need to have a full OpenGL implementation for jME to run on it.

It’s an interesting development, although I’m skeptical about its long-term prospects. There’s a whole lot of weight behind Linux right now, and I’d be surprised if they managed to get another OS to really catch on. It’s also not Google’s first foray into alternative OSs, and it would not be their first to be started and then dropped later.

I wonder if that kind of “behavior” is good for Google as a platform supplier? I mean they do that for long now - create platforms just to crush them again when they don’t deliver or delivered all the data they needed.

That can’t be good for them? I mean at least I look at a new platform from google with more than a boulder of sand because of exactly that. I’ll have to care about whatever data or work I put there again in at least 3 years because google either scrapped or completely changed the platform.

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You can say that jME will be fully compatible with Fuchsia, if Fuchsia will support all android app, well he will it’s a hybrid chrome-android Os, then it will support Java and OpenGL. I bet it will support even Linux apps like Chrome-Os will do.