Fullscreen on external monitor

I'm running jme on a MacBookPro, and I'd like to run my application fullscreen on a projector connected to it, while leaving the main display alone. Is there any way to do this, or suggestions about setting it up?

Thanks for any help!

Can you set which monitor is your "primary" display?  I know that is possible on dual display video cards…

I'm not sure that I can - I can't see an option for it (but them I'm quite new to OSX)

At present, fullscreen takes over both displays - it comes out the projector fine, but it it would be great to still have debug access on the laptop.


Do you develop with a screen and a projector?

Dude that's cool.

I'm developing a multitouch table, so I need to run the app fullscreen on a projector. But, there's times when it would be really useful to know what's happening (i.e. what's the camera seeing when there are loads of "phantom touches", or what's slowing it down in different bits.)  :slight_smile: