Game framework example


I’m evaluating Jmonkey for game making, and i’m more 3D artist than coder , but having all basics to code gameplay.
I was more using engines like Unity and some others that have a game framwork, coming ot Jmonkey, it seems we have to handle the world dynamic entities (characters, animals, physic moving objeccts etc … ) ourselves.

So i have some questions :

  • The game will be managed by one Java main class with a Main function , or it is better to have multi threading so one class per character with a main ?

-I would like to know what is the best approach in JME3 to make and manage a medium or a big world, how ot proceed ?
Making nodes per 3D octree in some sort spaces , when the camera player is near, we seek all nearest space nodes and ask for all entities they have and we call some update() game function ?
It is not performance impacting to move some entity form one node to another, for example a NPC that is travelling on the world would change nodes octree spaces.

  • Is there some good method and tutorial about a game framework ?
    I mean having a Main game manager , character controller, NPC character controllers, level changing

  • About publishing a game, what is the best method to encrypt the game, and encrypt game saves files also ?

  • Does JME3 supports some shader for levels like : diffuse,normal ,specular, lightmap from Blender

  • Is PBR shaders planned for JME3 this year before summer ?

  • Is there a way to have grass and trees system for terrain ?


Check out the manual:


To quickly answer the questions:

  1. You misunderstand what multithreading implies, a main means one application, not one thread, see the tutorials above how an app lifecycle looks
  2. Depends on how you store your NPC data, the scenegraph is for things you display visually, so you’d only attach something there when its visible (how ever you determine that)
  3. Yeah, see above
  4. While encrypting doesn’t make much sense (if it can be decrypted it can be decrypted) you can try and obfuscate your data
  5. Yes
  6. We don’t know yet
  7. Theres several skeleton implementations for grass and foliage on these forums

Thanks for the directions, specially this one :

i’ll have to take a closer look at tutorials.