Game response on android is extremely lagging

My game runs fine on windows. But when it runs on Android, frame rate stat shows only as 1. I tried to set frame rate as 60 but still no help. What else am I missing in app settings?

Phones != computers. Your game is doing too many things to run on a phone… so it runs slow. Too many “what” is hard to say because you’ve provided no info.

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Following packages has been imported in the example code of Android joystick input. I have already downloaded android related packages through android sdk manager. But I failed to run the example code. Where are they being imported from?

import android.content.Context; import android.opengl.GLSurfaceView; import android.os.Vibrator


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What do you mean by “yes”?
I can’t import them even after downloading android packages through sdk manager.

I guess that was meant to be ironic.
Nobody can help because of the bar minimum info (non at all). Beside that nobody really understood your last question with the import. And a “it does not run” is as well not very helpful. As long you do notexactly write down what you try, what code is involved and what result you see nobody will be able to help as we all lost our magic cristal balls.

In the help search of the SDK (upper right corner) enter “Android” and read about how to access android classes in a jME project.