Gdc 2005

We’d love some of your work to be displayed. If you are interested, please let us know.

Car is fun, but thank God my car doesn’t handle like that one! :slight_smile: I’d be dead long ago.

Car is fun, but thank God my car doesn't handle like that one! Smile I'd be dead long ago.

I dunno ... being able to fly into space with your car is pretty nift ;)
"shochu" wrote:
I dunno ... being able to fly into space with your car is pretty nift ;)

We could imagine that the white landscape is the moon, it could be an excuse ;)


Hehe, thank you guys for the feedback. And yes, if mojo’s car handled like that, we would ALL be dead, whether we were in the car or just passing by! :stuck_out_tongue:

I could add an invisible ceiling (like the invisible walls)…but where would the fun be? :slight_smile:


Also, see what the fashionable GDC attendees will be wearing:

[size=9px](available in many other shirt styles…)[/size]

I’ll complete Marble Fun. It’d be fairly easy to do in constrast to a game like Dirt, hehe :slight_smile:

Hey, i want one of those shirts! They look proper awsome!

I’l drum up a scene from my game (heck, maybe i’l even show you all a demo of XVII!)


I can make a video loop of my gesture game prototype using P5 gloves.

It’s basically some R&D into 3d gesture music games using realtime audio/music synthesis - also java/jni btw.

Not really appropriate for public use as the gloves would not last 5 minutes in the hands of a walk up gamer:-(, but might be good to showcase a range of apps for jME.

What’s the process for submitting something? email address?



Submissions should be uploaded to your own server if possible and a link sent to both mojo and myself via email (see the Contacts section of the site for those.) After we go over it and make sure it works and all :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll download it and carry it with me to GDC.

For those of you who may not know, submissions can be turned in until the end of this month (February.) Please inform me right away though if you intend to submit something. So far I have 0 submissions and only 1 confirmed intent to submit (FurBallz). Those of you who mentioned above that they would like to submit something, please get back to me on whether or not you’ll be able to.

On another note, check out the FurBallz dev diary for details on how that is going.

Me and Per will definetly have something for you for the PhysicsSystem. Count us in.


Can’t wait to see the contributions for GDC.

WIsh I could contribute but still a novice :’(

Maybe next time. heh. Enjoy your time there!

Renanse, I emailed in my skeletal animation stuff to you and Mojo, but it currently loads the official Doom3 models from your doom3 pak file, so no idea what the legal situation would be…

Anyway, I could get a full Doom3 model/animation browser working early next week, but again it’d need a Doom3 demo install. Anyhow, if anyone knows where I can find a decent Doom3 model with md5mesh, md5anim and diffuse texture that could be used freely instead, that’d be cool.

I’d love to use your thing, but we’d need to include a model as I won’t have control over the box until I get there (so no install of doom 3…)

Oh well, I can’t find any free doom 3 models around on the internet… There’s lots of skins, but few models. I could put the files from the demo in the jar file for the anim viewer, but that’d probably be breaking the license agreement or something.

Anyway, it was worth a try :slight_smile:

Put one together anyway… I can be coy about it. We aren’t selling it or anything and if there’s a problem I can remove it.

Ok, I’m putting together the demos to send to the lab. I have Marble Fun (from today), the jME Physics Demos (v.6) and FurBallz. If someone else has something to submit, let me know by March 5th and maybe I can work something out (no promises).

Thanks guys!

That’s cool renanse. Should we e-mail you with the updates (or links to the updates)?

Also, it’s Marble Fun that is v.06 - the Physics Demos hasn’t got a corresponding release, though they are built on what we’ve got so far for v.04.

email me a link… noted about .6