Generating Tangets adds Noise to the texture

Hey Guys,

I wanted to start playing with all those maps and that’s why I made a normal map using AwesomeBump.
In Blender everything renders nicely (you actually don’t see that much of a difference, a bit noice, a few scratches) but once I load the file into the SDK it is rendered plain white.

When I now generate the Tangents (Is there a way to do this without selecting each seperate geometry?) the Texture just “changes”.

See the Image below:

The Table you can see on the bottom is rendered without a normal map.
All the others are rendered using normal mapping and tangent generation.

Do you have a clue what it could be?

Hard to say what’s wrong without somthing to compare with.
What does it looks like in blender?

lol, it gets even worse ingame.
It would look acceptable with that noise but depending on the view-angle it seems to be pulsating (refreshing 3 times a second and recalculating the noise).
Each Pulse the whole scene gets shaky :open_mouth: this is my normal map.
As you can see it does contain such “noise” but it rather looks like some specular thing to me?

a screen shot please?

You actually don’t see any real change in blender as I am just starting.
I wanted the surface to be a bit scratchy but nothing more so far.