Geometry and Tessellation shaders in jME

How much is jME support to Geometry and Tessellation Control/Evaluation shader complete? Is there any documentation or example about it? Because the Wiki reported no support for them some time ago.

Also, are them integrated in the Shader Nodes system?

As far as i remember it Works. I had one version running with TCS and tes. I cannot find the Sourcecode right know but i will keep looking for it.

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it already works :slight_smile:

Something something setting the Parallax map material param on lighting.j3md sets tessellation to active. Nobody’s ever managed to quite explain where the hell can one get a proper bloody parallax map however.

Sorry i don’t get it.

so i found 'em. I don’t know if it still works, but hey you get a starting point.

these are the shaders and matdef for the heightbasedterrain:

and here is the terrain lighting one:

and the pbr lighting:

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Thanks! I’ll give 'em a look.