Geometry from my loaded object for my PhysicsNode (jME3)


I want to get the geometry from my loaded object for my PhysicsNode. The problem is that the getMesh() method is not a member of Spatial. This is my code:

       Spatial snowboard = (Spatial) assetManager.loadModel("Models/player_1/player_1.mesh.xml");

       PhysicsNode physicsMesh=new PhysicsNode(snowboard,new MeshCollisionShape(snowboard.getMesh()),0);



Thanks in advance.

usually a loaded object is a Node,

then you can use getChildren(0).getMesh or similar.

You can create a physics node from a regular node/spatial. See the TestQ3 test class in jME3 on how to do that.

I've found it. It works now.  :slight_smile: