Get a good smooth 3D rendering?


Here there are two rendering samples:

  1. Good smooth rendered sample extracted with Blender:

  2. Non-smooth rendered sample from an OBJ loaded with jME:

    My question is very simple, but the answer might be not:

    How do I achieve the quality of image [1] with jME? I mean, loading the OBJ as I do in [2], but with the smooth rendering result of [1]?

    Thank you.

You should use Multisampling… If you use StandardGame, the setting include this.

You can't expect much from real-time 3D graphics. The render in Blender is done with ray-tracing, advanced lighting computations and supersampling. You can of course increase the number of samples to have more smooth edges but it will also decrease performance, this is done by changing the min samples value before you create the display system.

Also, if you are using default settings in loading your texture then it is using texture compression.

Only so much can be done in real time.  A raytrace render can take hours, when you have only a fraction of a second quality is going to be lost.  I'd suggest editing the texture a bit to make it look softer.

Possible solution here?

What about if I put some fog to the scene and play with a darker light on render sample [2], so the OBJ lines and borders are not so well seen?

Would this be a possible bypass solution to achieve the smooth render I need, similar to sample [1]?

In case yes, I have no experience with smooth and lighting; what would it be your recommandations or snippets to put fog and smoother lighting?

Thank you, very much.

If you're using an nVidia card, go to your nvidia control panel, 3d settings, and then drag the antialiasing bar all the way to the end. If you have one of the latest cards then you should be able to get the edges as smooth as in the render.

maybe you can add a very faint bloom

? is there any reason you are using an obj, there is a rounded box floating around somewhere ??