Get Mesh from TerrainQuad

Hi there.

I’m making a RTS game and wanted to implement pathfinding. As far as I saw, I could only find things using NavMesh.

Is there any way to convert TerrainQuad to NavMesh? If no, what should I do? I’m a little bit lost creating NavMeshes by mysql.

Thanks for help!

Just right-click the terrain in the SDK Scene Explorer and select Tools->Create Navmesh…

But the Terrain i got it’s defined on the code, not on SDK scene explorer.

What should I do?

TerrainPatch is a geometry, it has a normal mesh.

But can I get all the mesh to use in navMesh API?

I was trying

NavMesh x = terrain.getNormal()


NavMesh x = terrain.getAllTerrainPatches(null);

But cant get it to work

TerrainQuad is a Node and TerrainPatch is a Geometry. Its not any different from doing it with any other scene.

I tried to do what you want and finally succed it.
You can see my post here :

There is a link to a github repository with my entire code.
Hope it helps :wink: