Getting box vertices?

What I’m trying to do with this is essentially occlusion culling for a 3d grid of objects that may or may not be axis-aligned, and / or aligned to each other.

The closest I can get to what I’m essentially trying to do is something similar to Script Blocks, but the geometry has occlusion culling depending on whether a block can rotate around another, et-cetera…

So, I have an issue. I have a Box object, correct? I put it into a geometry, so I can transform it. I rotate it, move it around, et cetera.

Now that I have this geometry that has the vertices of a box within it that have been moved around, how can I go into it and get an individual vertex? I ask because I’d like to be able to make a different mesh that only has the needed faces - the ones that can’t be seen will be occluded.

Are you trying to make a block world by any chance? (Hint: you are going about it the wrong way if so.)