Getting there

Ok, forums and blog are fixed. Working on getting parked here so it will lead to the same pages. if you want to update any news feeds to my blog (because I have such great things to say :stuck_out_tongue: ) here is the link:


I’ll start on the main site soon.

wiki is at

Odd, there are no references to in the jnlp file, just Can you clear your cache and try again? If it still happens, I’ll dig deeper.

I just tride runing a demo and got the folowing bug:

An error occurred while launching/running the application.

Title: jME Test [effects.cloth.TestCloth]
Vendor: Mojo Monkey Coding
Category: Download Error

Unable to load resource:

Ok, guys, third party apps are up (Once I get your stuff badmi, I’ll put it in). I went very generic in both names and description. These are pretty much “permanent” placeholders. That is, they will stay like that unless you tell me you would rather the description said X and the name is Y.

I put in some links on the links page last night before I went to bed. Let me know if there are more that you’d like to see.

Ok, due to the site being down from the Dedicated IP being set up, I didn’t have time to do this today, tomorrow… I promise :wink:

Today I will (when I get a break), get the tools up. I am not going to put screenshots, just links and descriptions. I’ll get the links to CVS and Issue Tracker on the main link page as well, Badmi. They are on the site, just buried in various documents.

Mojo, I can not fined the link the cvs or the bug list on the new web site.

"mojomonk" wrote:
Badmi - I still need your editor items

I will get the file to you.

The project for that has been cancelled. It worked flawlessly, but i dont think its very useful…

I should have it somewhere…


Ok, I’ll get everything back up today.

Badmi - I still need your editor items

DarkProphet - Does this tile program still work/exist? I seem to remember the screenshot not existing.

My GUI model converter is available on my MagikOpera web site :

screenshot :


The model converter, which didn’t work for me though, and DarkProphets tilemap editor.

Ok, can’t seem to get the information about what was previously on the apps page. I remember:

The particle editor

Badmi’s Scene Editor

and tGiant’s Scene editor…

Was there anything else?

Badmi, I’ll need a runable copy of your editor if possible. (I think I might need a screenshot as well). tGiant, I’ll just link to your page.

Oh yeah, forgot about that.

Tools? Those scene- and particle editors I mean…

Ok, almost all content is up, but I might have forgotten something. Now is your time to let your feelings be known.

Added link into documentation page.

haven’t put the link up yet.

Where did the wiki go? I can’t seem to find a link to it anywhere on the main page.