Ghosting BoundVolumes

Hi all,

I dunno if this request can be solved any other way. So here goes.

Basically, i want my character to bump into stuff, if he bumps into a wall say, i want him to still go sideways and backwards.

The only was I see around it, is if I can somehow ghost the boundingVolume of the character, move the new boundingVolume in the direction the way the character wants to move by a small amout, check for a collision with the walls, if there is, keep the character in the same position. If there isn’t, keep going.

I have tried and tested this way in Java2D, and I know it works flawlessly. However, in 3D, it might be a different matter.

Would that be a way of doing what I want to do, or is there another way?

If there isn’t, i would like to implement it myself. :slight_smile:

Hey DP,

Typically you do this via remembering the previous position of your character. If there is a collision with the bounding volume, you can reset to the previous location. You can do this in the update method before rendering thus it looks like you never moved.

thx, i suppose then it wasn’t a feature question, more of a how-to-do type.

Thx renanse