Global Game Jam 2011

Hi guys and gals,

just wanna know if anyone is going to attend the Global Game Jam next year on January 28 to January 30?

I saw an article about it in our local gaming magazine (New Age Gaming mag) and checked it out online and

thought it might be a good idea mentioning it to the JME community.

It looks like you can use any language, platform etc.

Could be a fun experience for the guys reading this forum regularly.

I myself am thinking of attending at the Cape Town one in South Africa, but am a bit skeptical as I do not have much experience, but do enjoy messing around with JME.



Doh, here is the link for it:

Well, you got plenty of time to try make a simple game at a comfortable pace to see if you’re gonna be capable of making something similar in 48 hours :wink:

I consider going myself, albeit only as a designer/co-ordinator. There’s an event here in Norway about 2 hours away from where I’ll be living at the time of the contest. I wonder if cross-country collaborations are possible…

yep that is kinda what I am doing at the moment, also looking at all the games from previous 2 years to get some ideas on what level of quality and fun to aim at.

I see most people doing 2D puzzle type of games or stuff like digdug.

Would be awesome to have some JME games entered though :slight_smile:

I have a friend who is a good artist, maybe we can band together and come up with something, even if we only go for the experience. Not at all sure if there are any game programmer hobbyists in South Africa though, so we might be the only 2 peole pitching up lol :slight_smile: