GlowColor unused if a GlowMap is specified

Hi guys

I have a grayscale GlowMap and want to control the color of glowing parts by specifying a GlowColor to Lighting material but it has no effect.

Is GlowColor not considered when a GlowMap is specified with Lighting material?

Shouldn’t GlowColor act as a multiplier to GlowMap?

Ok, looking into glow frag shader seems glow color is not considered when a glow map is specified.

Also found a relevant topic

Can we add the above changes to Glow.frag proposed by @abies?


Went ahead and submitted a PR :slightly_smiling_face:


It is a known bug/feature. I dont know why. I had to mess with the shader according to this thread to get the effect.


Interesting. I have been playing with emissive maps with pbr. I have not tested the bloomfilter yet, that is next on my list.