GLTF support for JME?


previously at least mentioned twice on the forum… It seems that GLTF is gaining momentum. While reading about so many problems importing models/animations even with the promised land, FBX, it may be wise to study other options. Somehow I get the impression that implementing importer for the JME would be a walk in the park :slight_smile:

A random link:


Yes, I also think gltf could be that format everybody is waiting for.
Interesting facts :

  • gltf is json + optional binary data.
  • Blender has a gltf export plugin that works nice.
  • gltf 2.0 spec supports PBR material definition
  • Sketchfab now generates a gltf version for all the downloadable models. (from any format)
  • Some of my coworkers went at SIGGRAPH this year, and it seems gltf is getting a lot of traction now.

Now about the implementation… well… reading json in java is a walk in the park yes… but usually the difficult part is to “convert” data as they are serialized into JME paradigm. But definitely…this could be a nice addition to JME.

EDIT: About blender addon, it’s still in beta, but the nice part is that it supported by Kronos group


Damn you… now I’m giving it a try…
Sidetracking me form my sidetrack project…


Sorry :slight_smile: And nice! :slight_smile:

Maybe @Pilvinen can be of assist to you. If he has so much problems with the FBX, maybe he can test/contribute. I’ve been stalking the forums for awhile…

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I’ve never heard of GLTF and don’t know what that is. Also Maya LT doesn’t support gltf, afaik, so that would be useless to our project (yes, I’m regretting that we didn’t use Blender 100% for everything). But sure, we’ve been having a lot of trouble with FBX and we are currently in the process of making our own import solution using FBX SDK. Progress currently at ~30% converting over the data structure.

I’m sorry, what help was required … ?

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Seems like a hassle though… Maybe never mind then, just trying to connect a supplier to a consumer etc. :slight_smile:


At this point nothing is a hassle anymore. Thank you for that link. Certainly very interesting.


Well there are plenty of test assets in the Khronos group repo… I’ll probably use them for automated tests.
So far the structure is pretty simple and straightforward… No need for strange conversion everything is ready for opengl (same coordinate system as JME). There is a scene graph structure that fits almost exactly to JME scene graph… for now… a walk in the park…
Usually the most challenging in a new format loader is the bone animation :p, so we’ll see.


Yes, I scrolled down to find this.

My prediction: we’ll get it working fine for static models (like most other formats) but animation will never work properly.

Please prove me wrong.



FBX the promised land? It’s not a royalty free format, it’s proprietary and entirely under the control of AutoDesk.

Good luck with GLTF.


Well. They do support Collada… which is an open and very idealistic format which sounds pretty nice on paper. But the trick there is that they totally - and purposefully, imo - implemented it in such way that it’s not really compatible with anything. I mean, why break a perfectly nice monopoly when you got money coming in from left and right?