Would it be possible to make a golf game with jME physics ?

I already saw the BallShoot demo, but I haven’t tried it. Do the balls really roll ?

yes, and yes :slight_smile:


Hi DarkProphet,

Thanks for your answer. Maybe it’s going to be summer holiday before I can really start. I’m very busy with school at the moment.

However, I will follow jME and jME physics for now on. It’s all looking very interesting.

I’m also thinking about a car game or a snowboard game, but I not sure which I should choose.

Is a snowboard game possible with jME physics ? I gues you should set a low friction on a box collider and then it should glide from the hill. I have never had a clear answer from someone about this, so if you can clear up this isseu… :slight_smile:

Infact, both car and snowboarding is very easy to make (IMO). For the car, your sideways slip would be dependant on the speed you are going (think burnouts and donoughts, in reality, sideways friction on tyres is VERY high, but forward roll is very low). For the snow board, you would set the front slip to be 100, so it would slip alot, but still get some grip, for the sideways, set it to have a slip as well, but less…more like 20.

Obviously you need to experiment and whatnot, but it should work out just fine…Again, if you need anything, just ask over here, i’l be there in a split second :slight_smile:

Btw, im making a car game too, so whatever that isn’t available in the current system, i will add as I go along.


I will go for the snowboarding game then.

Can I do the physics representation of the snowboarding player then with only one DynamicBox ?

Where can I define what’s the slip of an object ?

In the contactPairs. I suggest you look at the demos and their code to have an idea what does what. Our javadocs are probably the best in the entire java community ( 8) ) so i also suggest you have a peak at those too.


I’m using the 0.4 version now. I think it’s a good idea to provide the samples in the downloads too. Is it better to use the CVS version ?

I saw that ContactAction was renamed to ContactPairs. Should I calculate the slip then in the onContact method ?

Thanks for the info. I really appriciate your help. :slight_smile:

yer, use CVS, its better as everything is constantly improved.

ContactAction and ContactPair are two different concepts. Before, as in contactAction, each physics object had a contactaction and basically it was WRONG! So contactPair was introduced to have only 1 method between two colliding objects.

Yes, you set the slip and slip2 in the contactPair…


I was trying to compile jME-Physics from CVS with Ant from the command-line, but I get these errors:


Buildfile: build.xml


[mkdir] Created dir: E:GameDevjME-Physicstrunkjmephysicsbuild


[javac] Compiling 70 source files to E:GameDevjME-Physicstrunkjmephysics



: package com.jmex.physics does not exist

[javac] import com.jmex.physics.PhysicsObject;

[javac] ^


3: cannot find symbol

[javac] symbol : class PhysicsObject

[javac] location: class org.odejava.Geom

[javac] private PhysicsObject physicsObject;

[javac] ^


3: cannot find symbol

[javac] symbol : class PhysicsObject

[javac] location: class org.odejava.Geom

[javac] public PhysicsObject getPhysicsObject() {

[javac] ^


7: cannot find symbol

[javac] symbol : class PhysicsObject

[javac] location: class org.odejava.Geom

[javac] public void setPhysicsObject(PhysicsObject value) {

[javac] ^

[javac] Note: Some input files use unchecked or unsafe operations.

[javac] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.

[javac] 4 errors


E:GameDevjME-Physicstrunkjmephysicsbuild.xml:34: Compile failed; see the co

mpiler error output for details.

Total time: 2 seconds

Do you know what the problem is ?

The build.xml was a little bit outdated - please update with cvs, it’s fixed now

There was also an error with the javadoc target. It’s the same problem as with the compile target. It should be this too:

<classpath refid=“build.classpath.jmex” />