Good job guys

(To everyone older than 3 years at jME :slight_smile: )

Good job guys and belated congrats on the 1.0 release.  The project is doing very well.  I still get emails asking about my tutorial I wrote years ago, so if that small thing is getting traffic then you guys must be on fire!  I hope Texas has been OK, if you can stand the summers here.  Everything is looking great in the project.  Don’t have anything else to say, other than keep up the good work Mark, Joshua, and everyone else.


It’s cep21.  Couldn’t get my old account to activate.


Very glad you changed the model loading :)  I hated putting that thing in one file.

Yeah congrats guys !!! I'm pretty new to Jme and not a professional programmer at all but find this 3D framework a big pleasure to use. Seems Jme has no real contender so you guys are N

Hello cep, cool to see You around

Hey Cep, good to see you again.  Thanks for the well wishes.  Stick around and help us push out 2.0  :slight_smile: