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Hello I’m just someone who knows some Java and did made a smal game using swift as a university project. I didn’t program an app or used jmonkey till now but I want to make a multiplayer ios / Android crossplaform game using Java and jmonkey seems to be the right thing (expect that i want to start with a small 2d game but ignoring the one extra dimension shouldn’t be hard, right?). On the other side I don’t have a server and I don’t plan on getting a server so the only way for a multiplayer is either me programming some p2p stuff (hard work) or I use the Google play services:
It’s interesting that this seems to work for ios also.

So my question before I even start to install anything: does this two work together? Can I follow the instructions about google play inside of a jmonkey project? I know jmonkey haves some networking stuff, do i need to use that to use the google play api? Or do I need to ignore that part completely if I need to make use of Google play?

It looks like the turn based variant also haves a rest api maybe this would be a workaround but I would need this also in the realtime variant otherwise the amount of games I could create would shrink drastically (and i have very little rest knowledge so I would need to learn that):

I hope I’m in the right forum section by the way.

By the way the reason why I’m using an engine is it to get tilsets to work or everything else that is about grafics/ gui. My strength lies in simple logic, so I can create game logic .

As long as it’s java, I dont see why it shouldn’t work. You design the game :slight_smile: jME is open in that way - if you only want to, you can just use the framework for the game-loop and the rendering and do the rest yourself.

But have you considered LibGdx for a 2d game instead of jME ? Just asking. I myself have a 2d game going in jME, but I like the 3d perspective (and will use some 3d features at some point), so it makes sense for me to use jME. But there is an overhead of course - the entire engine is based on 3d.

Yeah, I’m a JME core dev and if I were targetting mobile devices only and 2D only then I’d use LibGdx, too. In fact, for the puzzle game I was working on I did exactly that.

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One of the games I plan would work in 3d also. The main reason why I stick to 2d is because this way I don’t necessarily need walking animations and such things (but I think depending on the art it can look better in 2d or 3d). Im definetly not someone who can create graphics or 3d models I need to use what I can find. I had this plan earlier and than had to skip it till today, I don’t remember why I decided at that day for jmonkey instead of LibGdx but maybe because of the easier transition to a 3d project later (you know I like to have a hammer with which I can hammer screws, I know that that’s a bad habit). But as said I don’t remember maybe I thought it’s older and so maybe harder to use because less compatible with new things. After your comments I will consider it again but it’s really motivating that you say jmonkey would work together with Google Play multiplayer api. Now I need to look into getting starting thinks.