Google Summer of Code 2021

Hello Everybody,

It is time of the year again. Google Summer of Code 2021 is open for organizations to apply until February 19. This is an annual program sponsored by Google to fund students to work on open-source projects over the summer break. Each student is paired with a mentor from the organization to work on a software feature, and this includes making weekly plans and executing and delivering it on time. Google also provides significant funding for the mentor and the organization.

We have participated in GSoC in the past. Last year we applied but did not get accepted. But I think we should apply again this year.

We had a long thread about GSoC last year - jME participation in Google Summer of Code 2020 and we made the following the idea lists - GSoC 2020 Idea lists

Here are one line summaries of the ideas from last year for students to work on,

  1. Minie Simple Game - Minie includes a few tutorials and a set of simple test/demo apps, but so far no sample games.
  2. Asset Pipeline Workflow for Blender- The goal of this project is for Blender to become our Level Editor.
  3. Video Playback - Research around libvpx and jME integration
  4. Improve Shader Node - Fix and enhance shader node system
  5. Integrate with Google Play Game Services - Tighter integration of Google Play game services with jME
  6. Mobile Demos - Dedicated Mobile app to test all of our common sceneries in a very handy way

I am graduating this May 2021 so I am still eligible to participate as a student. Last year we have a few interested mentors as well.

Due to pandemic Google has made some changes in the program, such as reduced the time they expect students to work on the project and the stipend money etc. More details are available here.

What do you guys think?


I think it would be great for jME to try and participate if someone has the time to organize it.

If I remember correctly the most time consuming part was preparing the idea list. Since we can reuse the idea list form last year - the only part left is filling out a form(which I heard was arduous as well) and having someone from the core to commit to handle the finances if jME gets accepted.

Past mentors, @Darkchaos @sgold @The_Leo are you guys interested?

Not at this time.