Google VR support

i am currently working on a VR game and have chosen the jme to implement it.
Now I have looked at github and there are several cardboard implementations and a newer Gvr implementation.
But I couldn’t get any of them to run without errors : (
Does anyone know how I can use the jme for android vr myself?

I hope you can help me.


sry, but it seems that you have to code it yourself. Start with a simple VR use case before you directly program a VR game. Take a look at the github implementations to find the right direction. The most difficult part should be rendering (special shaders) and interaction. But there should be some frameworks or other implementations to save some time.

Thanks for the answer.
Can you send me some of these approaches?
All the approaches I have tried so far have had their eyes reversed.
I have already removed the upside down rendering but as I said before the eyes are still swapped or the same picture is rendered for both eyes.
Do you have an idea what could be the reason for this?

There is a config flag for swapping the eyes. Please share you code for setting up the vr env.
settings.put(VRConstants.SETTING_FLIP_EYES, false); // Is the HMD eyes have to be inverted.

Thanks for the information.
I looked again and it seems like they are Not swapped but both eyes render the Same Image