GPU Gems ch2 - Terrain LOD

Has anyone looked at this or anything?

I think it would be a really nice addition to jME especially since the current terrain CLOD stuff has some issues…

have a look, it has a simpler, non-shader implementation of the same idea (albeit MUCH simpler)

Ye, AFAIK both llama's terrain system and this one have this kind of index lod implemented.

I think that the GPU approach is very interesting from the point of view of getting the best performances possible.

This way the developers can use the CPU computation capacity for other tasks, like phisics, logic, network, …

A good game should be able to give both implementation (configurable in the preferences).

geometry clipmaps, even when done only on the cpu, is a completely different beast than the traditional indexed block approach used by llama and the other one…

read through this to see how (cpu version that was later converted to gpu):

Thanks for the link.