Gradle plugin not included

I downloaded the 3.1.0-beta2-b001 SNAPSHOT today and tried it out.

It occurred to me that it would be nice to include the Gradle plugin
(which means also including the “Groovy and Grails” plugin) in the
list of plugins which are automatically installed. Without that plugin,
the SDK won’t even recogize Gradle projects as projects, which seems
like a big gap in the functionality of the SDK.

Is there some reason this isn’t already being done?

The SDK is a separate project from the engine now. Try jmoneky engine sdk for feature requests.

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Though it’s still part of this forum and still appropriate to discuss it and ask questions here.

But you are right if after trouble shooting that a specific feature request is warranted then that’s the place to submit it.

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This place is okay for this as well, it’s just that it might get lost in the depths of this hub over time. If this happens, just ping me.

The problem here actually is that I have no clue yet on how to bundle such plugins into the sdk. It would work if you install it onto the netbeans we download, but this might be impossible in travis.

@normen Do you have any idea?

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Well you’d basically check out the module for that plugin into your build and use that to compile the SDK, just like “our” plugins basically. We’d need to do that anyway to be able to actually use the gradle projects API for the SDK, i.e. extend it with “our” functionality to them which was the plan at some point.

Thing is the gradle plugin isn’t really using the NetBeans paradigms for classpath access and such and when I looked into it it was pretty much “in flux” so it didn’t seem to make sense to do that yet. Generally though the SDK functionality is pretty much separated from ANT projects by now, I already planned to make the ANT project part a separate plugin so core could be combined with any other build system within the SDK. Many of the other plugins will still have to be re-created basically as they heavily use the ANT system to extend the build (deployment, mobile etc etc)

For now, whats the problem with just installing the gradle plugin when you want to use gradle projects in the SDK?

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@normen it’s not a problem, really. Just that every time I install a new beta SDK I have to remember to install those plugins. A slew of plugins already come included with the IDE. I didn’t expect it would be difficult to add one more. But if it’s difficult, it’s probably not worth doing.