Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook is available for Windows and Mac OS X, now!
You can get the demo on the new website:

More information are available at:
In the future I will post there my experiences about game development and some interessting technical details.

Cya, :)

Sweet!  8) Kind of reminds me of Portal.  :wink:

Made me think a bit of Hired Guns on the Amiga  :smiley: Anyone remember that?

dhdd said:

Sweet!  8) Kind of reminds me of Portal.  ;)

Yeah.. there are a couple of games which have strong influence on the game design/development: Portal, Braid, Cold Ice, Mirrors Edge, Counter Strike Surf Maps, You found a grappling hook! and some others. :)

Does the player character wear a green cap and can we upgrade the grappling hook to a longer range?  :smiley:

Single most fun thing in Zelda 64 ever…I think I'll really like this game :slight_smile:

Hehe… it is even better: You have unlimited ammo and can hook from one end of the world to the other WITHOUT the green cap. :wink:

But good point: Perhaps I should add customizable hats. :smiley:

And yeah… using the Grappling Hook is real fun. :slight_smile: I loved it since this small Half Life Mod Cold Ice.

All my play-testers loved to draw faces with the hooks on the walls, because they stay. ^^

How have you make the holes of the hook stay?

Haven't you problems with the UV texture coordinates?

I am not changing the textures.

I just stop the hooks in their movement and attach them to the node they hit, so that they also move correct with moved objects. Currently the hooks are simple spheres, but I will replaced them with a 3d model.

There don

Ahh yes the eternal quest to draw with bullet holes/etc…

Tho I'm sure you'd eventually want to add a timer (imagine a large level if they all stay together…tho single player prolly isn't an immediate concern). On the converse…I always hate when the holes disappear before i finish drawing :slight_smile:

For the worst case I will probably add a line, that when framerate goes under 50 FPS or so and there are many hooks, that some should vanish… :slight_smile:

For such things i think its best to make a small least recently used cache.

That way no more than say 100 hooks are ever created and the oldest are re-used.

Hi, :slight_smile: in the last days I worked on the visuals of the game. I looked for a new visual style, which looks cool, fits to the target-group and the game and is easy to do for me. My biggest inspirations were Tron, Matrix and Star Wars.

Till now I have added a bloom-shader to the rendering, created new textures (some are animated now) with GIMP and created a model for the grappling hook bolts with Blender.

Here is a screenshot of the first level with new textures. There are still a couple of textures I have to recreate.

What do you think of the new style?

Do you have cool ideas how I can improve it?

The new style looks great! Make a new video when you get the chance.

I am really happy that you like the new style. :slight_smile:

When I finished the visual stuff I will create a new trailer. :slight_smile:

This looks very promising. A reasonable sized game with very engaging mechanics! Keep up the good work!  :smiley:

Reminds me of portal as well. I really like the new look. 5 stars man, good job!

BTW how did you make your levels?

Thank you very much duenez and Trussell. :slight_smile:

Trussell said:

BTW how did you make your levels?

I created an ingame-leveleditor, which uses an octree as the basic data/editing structure. The main inspiration for this kind of level-editing was the Sauerbraten-Engine. (

Hey, this looks kinda nice, hope you finish it soon

Yes, I can't wait to play this. Please publish distro files as soon as you can!