Grass to jME (Forester)

Hi guys,

I want to create Grass in my jME scene. There are a lot of topics about plugin forester, but i haven´t found link to download this plugin. If I although found some link, it was false. Can you help me and told me where can I get this plugin?

Thank you.

here you go:

also take a look at biomonkey too:

but i suggest that you make it yourself :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

The last version of forester is also in the plugin repo. In the SDK go Tools->Plugins. But its not very jME-style and has been abandoned.

okey and exist something else to create grass? because insert a lot of models of grass to scene through scene composer is not good reason (it was the first thing I tried)

@pspeed has a plugin for that aswell, I only dont remember the Name. I guess simsilica is his Studios Name, but you’ll find it by googling

also you can try simpleGrassControl:

It’s not a plugin on its own but the code is definitely available. It’s included in the IsoSurface library and IsoSurfaceDemo:

Looks like this: