Gravity problem

I starrted using BetterCharacterControl and now got strange problem with gravity power?

i tried so many combinations with mass, gravity values, jump forces but still no effect. My character is so light. When he moves so fast and hit to the terrain small mountain or object he’s just shoot to the up - very very high and then fall to the ground very long time.

Here’s my code. I just want make realistic gravity for typical human :stuck_out_tongue:

    public void createCharacterPhysics() {
        physicControl = new BetterCharacterControl(.4f, 2f, 1f);
        physicControl.setJumpForce(new Vector3f(0, 0f, -50f));
        physicControl.setGravity(new Vector3f(0, 0f, -80f));

So, imagine a character that is 0.8 meters wide. This is about the width of a doorway but all the way around.

Now, imagine this character is 2 meters high. About the height of a doorway. Or think of it like two large trashcans stacked on top of each other.

That is how big your character is… but it only weighs 1 kg. It’s basically a big balloon the size of two large trashcans stacked on top of each other.

It could be some of the source of your problem.

I tried with 60kg mass and it doesn’t changed anything…

A man of mentioned “dimension” would weight twice as that (120kg).
I had similar problem with car - setting initial mass to 400. I tripled it and physics got a bit more realistic. Second thing was just to realize that the car is moving over 200km/h (~120miles). Having realized that i accepted the result as quite probable.
One thing is mass. Another (not less important) is speed at which your character moves. Take that into consideration also.

Even 5000f doesn’t help… :confused:
My speed is just 10f

@Skatty said: Even 5000f doesn't help.... :/ My speed is just 10f

your speed should not be 10f… imagine 1000x 10f in 1 second (if you have 1000fps)…

but 10ftpf… (if you have 1000fps, like these basic scenes do), it will be 1000x 10f(1f/1000f)