Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all those inclined to celebrate!  :slight_smile:


  • Chris

Very clever. :)  Happy Halloween to you as well.

happy Halloween jme community!  }:-@  <---- that's only my Halloween costume

happy halloween!

renanse said:

Very clever. :)

Hehe, thanks  :P  I just had an hour, or so, free on Sunday (and a mental age of a twelve year old everyday, lol  XD)

The pictures are kinda crappy but I wasn't able to get better ones.  The ones above were taken with the lights off, but obviously the cameras flash lit up Pumpkin Hal XD good and without the flash you can't see anything.  Oh well, it was fun  :)  and at least the crappy quality of the pictures hides the crappy quality of the carving!

- Chris

}:-@ HAPPY HALLOWEN TO ALL!!!  :D  :smiley: