Hardware occlusion querys


Would be nice for large scenes to be able to enable harware occlusion querys in the renderer to have a better visibility culling and draw less polygons.


True.  Propose an API for this. :slight_smile:

i propose:

boolean wouldItBeUselessDrawingSomethingWithThisShape(BoundingVolume bv)

we may discuss the method name if it does not please you.

:P  kind of long…

renanse said:


another idea:

you could add a "shouldDoHardwareOcclusionCullingCheck"-method in Node which simply returns false. anyone could overwrite the methode and let jme do a hardware occlusion check if he or she wants it to happen between the normal frustum check and the draw call. this is just a random thought and probably nonsense (i don't know how these queries work)


I am not an exprerienced opengl developper, i know what hardware occlusion querys does, but i don't know how to implement that. I'll try to read the nvidia docs about that feature…