Has anyone made an RTS using jMonkeyEngine?

As the title reads.

Is there anyone that made (and finished) an RTS using jMonkeyEngine?
Maybe the game genre is too hard…

(Asking out of interest. Couldn’t find answer on Google)

I remember there were some WIP,but i don’t know if any released RTS game is built on jMonkey.

The game genre is too hard, also that would not be a one man project or a hobby project. Unfortunately the way it is, such projects almost always get developed in commercial engines.

Mine is in closed beta right now … it’s a space game. Using @pspeed’s awesome network code

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I would say a RTS is still easier than a BlockWorld game in many aspects

As author of OpenRTS, I would say that classic RTS like starcraft are hard to make. It requires complex (but well documented) algorithms and tons of adjustments. Here are the trickiest parts imo :

  • Faction AI (economic and strategic decisions)
  • Unit AI (finite state machine/behavior trees, path finding)
  • Balancing of factions is just… a mess :slight_smile:

That said, none of it is engine related, so it’s acheivable with jMonkey as well as with any other engine.

Note that the balancing and faction AI can be simplified. A scripted AI is often sufficient (like in starcraft solo campains) and balancing is mandatory only in a multiplayer game, with few factions.


Sure like always multiplayer is at least a 4X increase in work :slight_smile: But for a relativly simple isngleplayer RTS, only pathfinding is a hard requirement. I think about games like Ground Control here.

Aggreed. Ground control has a very complex unit AI with strong tactical features. But I must admit that alogorithms are very well documented. It’s not trivial to implement an A-Star or vector field, but it is totally achievable.

Plus, OpenRTS provides workable Java open-source implementations with tile based map, and I would be pleased to help with it :slight_smile:

What I meant with complex movmeent is more like this: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3313/coordinated_unit_movement.php?print=1, rts have the big problem of multiple units wanting to go the same path, this is quite a hell.

Absolutly. Steering behavior was one of the most difficult thing I came to code in OpenRTS and it’s never perfect. When you have worked on that for weeks, you end believing that zergling swarms are moved by magic.

Here is some helpfull tutorials for classic steering behavior, and for vector fields. Together, these two algorithms are a perfect match for moving large groups of unit in complex map. But it leads to organic formations and become CPU consumming on big maps.

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