Have a Good Holidays

Just wanted to let people know, that (as you might have noticed) I haven't been around much these last couple days. I have tons of family over and never get to sit down at the computer (it's in a guest room). Pray for me, because I might kill my in-laws.

Have a wonderful Christmas (or whatever you may celebrate). I'll be back within a week.

Same to you! I guess we'll all be happy when this is over…but hopefully also more rested, and with new inspiration…

Christmas is not like it used to be, with a 5 months old baby girl(as it seems born close to mojo's girl)…but new = good  :smiley:

See you all next year!

Happy hols all, i must find the discipline to keep away from code for at least a whole day…

Christmas with an almost 4 year old in the family is much better than just you and the wife, I'm finding.  :)  Happy holidays to all of you, God Jul, Feliz Navidad and the like! 

Here's to a great year ahead for jMonkeyEngine and its devs and users.

It's good you were able to restrain yourself…otherwise we might have had to change the logo to put bars in front of it. :-p


Ok, I'm back from a nightmare of a holiday. The in-laws are gone, and I kept (just barely) from killing them. Time to get back to business. I'll be slowly responding to threads throughout the day.