Having trouble importing place holder models that will load

I have finished the beginner tutorials now I am striving to get a model to load in to jmonkey. I have downloaded some scenes from blendswap and also tf3dm.com and I have downloaded blender 2.79., I have also downloaded Ogre as well as the io_export_ogreDotScene.py which is placed in the blender scripts file. None of the models load into jme nor can I export them to ogre.xml there are always errors. I have made it through all 13 beginner tutorials. Right now I would like to go back through the tutorials using place holder models to strive for a better understanding before I move on to the intermediate tutorials. I have looked through the forums and I do not want to dig up very old topics to strive for answers. I know next to nothing about Blender, Ogre or command line programming.
for reference the models I have downloaded are http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/cz805-with-animation-28653.html, http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/cz805-bren-a1a2-with-animation-64107.html , http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/5705 , http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/4687 , and a couple of more from blendswap.

ps: I have checked the forums and this answer did nothing for me Import 3D models to jME because I am a programmer not a 3d Modeler thanks in advance

Well in short,
nearly all free models are not game ready and kinda crappy, been there done that.

For an acceptable (static) model you at least want to have proper uv maps, diffuse texture(not generated), normalbuffer, index buffer.

Alse you kinda need to ensure that all textures are linked correctly, often they are not done relativly but with absolute paths.

Animations then are a full share of pain by itself. (There is a reason you usually have more animators than developers in AAA titles)

Now there are dozens of possible problems, so just choose one model file you want first and show us how it looks loaded/ what the exeptions are.

Want to make It relly clear that I do not know how to use blender or Ogre I am not a modeler, animator or artist I am hoping to use placeholder art in order to see if my game design is fun then maybe I will hire an artist.
lets go with this one because it has the firing and reload animation http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/cz805-with-animation-28653.html
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
at com.jme3.scene.plugins.blender.file.BlenderInputStream.readStreamToCache(BlenderInputStream.java:130)
at com.jme3.scene.plugins.blender.file.BlenderInputStream.decompressFile(BlenderInputStream.java:147)
at com.jme3.scene.plugins.blender.file.BlenderInputStream.(BlenderInputStream.java:110)
at com.jme3.scene.plugins.blender.BlenderLoader.setup(BlenderLoader.java:186)
at com.jme3.scene.plugins.blender.BlenderModelLoader.load(BlenderModelLoader.java:59)
at com.jme3.scene.plugins.blender.BlenderModelLoader.load(BlenderModelLoader.java:52)
at com.jme3.asset.DesktopAssetManager.loadAsset(DesktopAssetManager.java:288)
at com.jme3.asset.DesktopAssetManager.loadModel(DesktopAssetManager.java:374)
at com.jme3.gde.core.assets.SpatialAssetDataObject.loadAsset(SpatialAssetDataObject.java:94)
at com.jme3.gde.core.assets.SpatialAssetDataObject.loadAsset(SpatialAssetDataObject.java:54)
at com.jme3.gde.core.assets.AssetData.loadAsset(AssetData.java:130)
at com.jme3.gde.modelimporter.ModelImporterVisualPanel3.loadModel(ModelImporterVisualPanel3.java:92)
at com.jme3.gde.modelimporter.ModelImporterVisualPanel3.loadSettings(ModelImporterVisualPanel3.java:61)
at com.jme3.gde.modelimporter.ModelImporterWizardPanel3.readSettings(ModelImporterWizardPanel3.java:81)
at org.openide.WizardDescriptor.updateStateOpen(WizardDescriptor.java:865)
at org.openide.WizardDescriptor.updateState(WizardDescriptor.java:820)
at org.openide.WizardDescriptor._updateState(WizardDescriptor.java:798)
at org.openide.WizardDescriptor.goToNextStep(WizardDescriptor.java:1070)
at org.openide.WizardDescriptor.access$1800(WizardDescriptor.java:90)
at org.openide.WizardDescriptor$Listener$1.run(WizardDescriptor.java:2122)
at org.openide.WizardDescriptor.lazyValidate(WizardDescriptor.java:1502)
at org.openide.WizardDescriptor.access$1900(WizardDescriptor.java:90)
at org.openide.WizardDescriptor$Listener.actionPerformed(WizardDescriptor.java:2141)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:57)
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:606)
at org.openide.util.WeakListenerImpl$ProxyListener.invoke(WeakListenerImpl.java:458)
at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy28.actionPerformed(Unknown Source)
at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(AbstractButton.java:2018)
at javax.swing.AbstractButton$Handler.actionPerformed(AbstractButton.java:2341)
at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.fireActionPerformed(DefaultButtonModel.java:402)

These are the errors I get when I try to import the blend file to jme3

means that your Java VM does not have enough space to load the model.
Seems like you are new in Java. Ok, read this: http://www.avricot.com/blog/?post/2010/05/03/Get-started-with-java-JVM-memory-(heap%2C-stack%2C-xss-xms-xmx-xmn...)

I cannot figure this out i have probably downloaded 10 models try to import in blend format and none will load

Increase your JVM cheap size.

Note: once you receive one OutOfMemoryError loading something from the SDK, it’s good idea to shut it down and reopen it. It’s not particular great at giving up its heap size.

Also, the default heap settings for the SDK are large enough that they are often ignored defaulting to a much much smaller value. So you should configure your SDK with 1024m direct memory heap.

I dont know how to do this is it in the tutorial section

You don’t know how to shut down the SDK? Give up programming right now.


he doesn’t know how to configure the SDK’s heap settings.


In its config file: http://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/doku.php/sdk:troubleshooting

And as a general rule…


Looks like I wont progress unless I learn blender. Not looking foreward to having to learn modeling just to make a prototype

there are a lot of models that will work (google ‘nobiax deviantart’ for some nice placeholder stuff) but inevitably you will need to either learn how to model or find a person that does. Games need models. C’est la vie.

You don’t have to. In fact, I didn’t learn modeling either. You can use boxes, spheres, and the free jaime model, oto, ninja, tank and teacup. See examples.

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Right now completely confused I honestly have spent 12 hours trying to either export models from blender or iport blend files into jme3 either way I am running into errors. Just spent last 2 hours going through blender tutorials this is like playing Demon Souls for the first time.

Have you looked at the tutorials yet?


Yes, during the last 12 plus hours I have scoured the entirety of the website I even found where the original tutorial Importing Animations from Blender 2.62 using ogre XML: Things to check if you are getting problems
I don’t want to come off sounding like a complete idiot(at the moment that is what I am though). But what you linked doesn’t help at all. In the original post I said I know next to nothing about blender or OgreXml, I also said I looked through the forum. I linked a bunch of models that I have tried to export from blender and import to jme3. If anyone can download any 1 of the models, get it imported into jme3, or exported from blender in the right format and tell me step by step how to go about doing this so that I can learn it. It would be like teaching a starving man how to fish instead of giving him a fish, because right now I am starving for knowledge.

The linked document explains in detail how a proper model has to be configured. If you know that you can find out whats different about the models you try to load… So I wouldn’t exactly say it doesn’t help at all…


have you actually treid to change the heap memory size and then load the model mentioned?

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