Import 3D models to jME

Hi guys.

I´m new in jME. I want to import some models of characters with animations to my game. When I use monkey Jaime or Ninja from assets it is not problem. Problem is when I download some modles from internet. Some of this models don´t have textures or probem is with animations. Why? I tried download from this webpages and this models don´t work. Or am I wrong? Do I something wrong with import this models? I download models .blend and then convert it to j3o binary. Or is anywhere models, that are for jME?


Could be various issues. Theres many ways to do models in blender, only few of them are suitable for game use and importing.

Check out these wiki pages:

If you know how a model for JME should be you can easily adapt the models in blender most of the time. You should probably give us a concrete model so we can tell you what exactly is wrong if you didn’t get it from the links normen gave you.

So, can I understand it so, that only few models are suitable for jME? So, if I want to use a model I need it adapts in blender?

Only few models are suitable for games in general

So, if I want to download and use some models, I need to search a lot and when I download 100 models so maybe 10 will be work. Yes?

If you don’t know what a game ready model is then you might download a lot of models that are not game ready. If you read the docs we linked you will know what a game ready model looks like and lower your error rate.

Ok. Thanks for everything :).