Headless mode

What's the best strategy to use headless mode (to create a server) ?

to use boolean headless/graphical for all DisplaySystem,input,camera etc calls in the whole code ? Or is there a clever way to acheive this ?

Thanks !


Use the DummyDisplaySystem as DisplaySystem.

Then, what I do is disable all my components that are related to UserInterface. As I separate UI (View/Input) states from Logic States, I simply don't call update() on the ViewStates tree. I don't even create the states when on headless mode. There is no input and no view.

The console interface (usually graphical, provided by one of the ViewStates) would not be loaded. But instead you should spawn a Thread that allows the user to interact with the console through terminal, shall the game be running attached to a terminal.

nice  :-o

Yeah I imagine I've kinda separated the display from the other logic these days too lol  :slight_smile:

StandardGame also has built-in support for headless mode.

which actually works again  :)  make sure to update svn