Hello. How can I create a pyramid in jme? And floor questions

I know how to create a box and sphere.

private static final Box box = new Box(Vector3f.ZERO, brickLength, brickHeight, brickWidth);

private static final Sphere sphere = new Sphere(32, 32, 0.4f, true, false);

But how do I create a pyramid? The pyramid should have a quad base but i’m not too fussy for now.

When i’m saying pyramid you should be aware that I am talking about a 3D triangle.

Also about the floor… does it have to be a box?

I want to have the floor continuing forever how do I do that?

Also my floor will be a funny floor because it will have shapes on it like circles and triangles and squares but and they will be rotating and changing between shapes and colors and moving… how can that be done?

Who am I? I am a noob. But i know java and I’ve made AIs for bots before in java. New to Jmonkey but i’ve seen the HelloTutorials very good work.

Ok I’m trying custom Meshes facepalm how stupid one can feel after posting a question and then seeing the solution was there a long time ago… Except, i’ll be using Vector3f for the verticies for obvious reasons. Though… It looks like my pyramid will just be a wireframe…is there an easy way to add faces? O and I still need help with the floor…with out one I wont be going anywhere…My game will have gravity for jumps and I don’t want everyone to be falling all the time…

might be easier just to use blender. On a cube, click all the vertices on 1 side, then press ctrl + m (i think), “merge at center”. You got a pyramid :), there might even be a pyramid default object, i know theres a cone.

@wezrule Thank you very much! It is alt+m :slight_smile: Now I may play with that and adjust the sizes of my pyramid.

Now I need to learn about the floor and that will be all the graphics I need for my game! lol. It will be my first of jmonkey games. I’m not sure if I should submit it into the competition cause I don’t know enough yet, but I might as i’ll be in school holidays after tuesday and will have plenty of time.

Thanks for the cone I might actually use cones and cylinders as the bad guys we’ll see hahah. :slight_smile:

Depending of the floor, you can use Terrain in jme. The terrain editor in jmp is very nice :).

Haha you’re right… I guess I was being stupid with those questions there are far too general though I wasn’t feeling very good yesterday so yeah.