HelloNode and Spatial.rotate(float yaw, float roll, float pitch)

I’m puzzled why the parameters are named in the order given when (apparently, given the stock FlyByCamera orientation), the proper names for these would be Spatial.rotate(float pitch, float yaw, float roll) ?

Thinking in aircraft or ship terms with a coordinate space matching X = your wings, Y = up/down, Z = your longitudinal axis, this also would agree with common terminology that rotation about X is pitch, that about Y is yaw and that about Z is roll.


Its about turning around one axis, x-y-z. X is right, Y is up and Z is towards you.

Edit: Oh and I actually just get now that that’s what you say ^^ Yeah, I agree…

Thanks, Normen… I really thought it was perverse.

The signature seems correct, but the names for the parameters are not consistent.