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We are experimenting with some viral marketing on Facebook, and thought you might be inclined to help us out a bit. Marketing Mad Skills Motocross is probably an effective way of marketing jME as well. Anyhow, below is the press release we have sent out. If you feel you want to help us, just do what it says and tell all your friends and enemies to do it as well :slight_smile:


Mad Skills Motocross beta version released when 1001 fans have joined

January 29th 2009.
Turborilla promises to release a free beta version of their action motocross racing game "Mad Skills Motocross" when the number of fans on Facebook reaches 1001. The small, independent game developer whishes to increase their presence on social networks and are rewarding their fans accordingly. After the beta has been released Turborilla has another ace up their sleeve and will announce an interesting concept involving a formula and the number of Facebook fans.

Mad Skills Motocross is a sidescrolling motocross game that reminds of the golden days of gaming while also utilizing high-tech features. The game sports neural networks for the AI and precise physical simulations of motocross bikes and riders. It can be played on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. One of the testers of an early development version had this to say:

"I have to really say, I really enjoy it. It's got quite a bit of replay factor even in its current form. The later tracks are really pretty sweet. The arcade mode is just straight fun."

Now Facebook users can also enjoy an early peek at Mad Skills Motocross. All you have to do is go to the fan page, , and choose to become a fan. As soon as 1001 users have become fans, Mad Skills Motocross Beta will be released to all of them for free.

The fan page contains concept art, screenshots and videos showing just how fun Mad Skills Motocross is.

About Turborilla
Turborilla is an independent game developer and was founded in 2006 by Tobias Andersson. They are now two people working hard to bring joy into the gaming world and turn passion into games. The office is in Umea, Sweden and always open for anyone who wants to come by and talk about computer games. For more information and a Developer Diary, go to

Tobias Andersson
Umestan hus 7
S-903 47 UMEA
+46(0)70 658 34 46

Also, here is a blog post about it: How to get a free beta of Mad Skills Motocross

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