Help wanted forum

Hello all,

I recently created a Help Wanted forum after reading a thread about such a thing on this forum. The reason I created a seperate forum and not just have the devs create one here was to keep this one nice and tidy.

You can reach it through

There are currently three categories:

Java FPS, Java RPG and Java RTS.

More will be added as needed, and eventually we could even add more languages if it comes to that.

For the moment though it is just meant as a supporting forum for this one.


PS. If you guys agree with this being a seperate forum, could you please make this a sticky in the thread of your choice? I posted it here cause I couldn’t figure out the right throud for it.

I’d sugesst two additional categories: Other (obviously for game projects, that don’t fit in the above categories) and Site (to discuss suggestions for the forum).

This forum could be helpfull in the sense of that thread: Keeping the forum manageable

Yeah, reading that one is the main reason I decided to make this a seperate forum.

Ill add those thwo (Other and Site) later today.)