HELP with 3D Animation simple cube

Hi guyes!

I am doing a simple animation cube (in blender) for jme. I roughly know how to do this but i have some trouble. Here is my blender file But when i export it ( to OGRE ) its exporting without skeleton file and any animation. (The problem is not in export, other models from the Internet it exports excellently ) Can someone explain me how correctly made animation in blender in correctly export it to OGRE XML.

P.S. I’ve already seen a lot of videos on this topic, (almost everyone on YouTube) but still could not find the answer

I’m using 0.6.0 ogre exporter and 2.79 blender

Thanks a lot .

I don’t use this system, but I do know that whomever has answers will want to know what script you are using and what blender version.

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You are right, thanks !

Have you been through this information yet?

I am trying for all day, and doing all things like in tutorial. Now animation is appeared but still dosn`t working . If u now how do it, can u made a simple animation for cube ( like in my file (just simple rotation on 90 degrees) ) and upload here . I’ll be very very gratefull

What does this mean? How is it “appeared” and yet still “dosn’t working”?

Here it is . But it’s not working

So, you already read this:

Maybe I’m little stupid, but in my opinion I did everything as written here

In file ( skeleton ) where animation is. My animation “TurnRight” is not turning. But she have to

Except read the first line maybe:

Very first sentence of the link I provided.

So is what you’re doing bone animation? Or???

Is this bone animation?

Im newbie so im really not sure is the bone animation or what mean " bone animation "

I assume that you did not bake the animation to the model. Follow this tutorial and see if it fixes your problem.

Once you understand how this works you will be pretty fast with animations and stuff… because it is always the same :wink:

Fixed the broken links for this. Adobes been moving things.

Maybe something is wrong with your code we can’t see?! just a thought.