Help with Bullet

I’m facing 4 terrible bugs in Voxel game:

Player passes through the floor if jump from high places (CCD just does not work).

Player (BetterCharacterControl) is capable of a “glue” on a cliff pressing the walk button.

Player flies too high when striking the corner of a block to jump.

Player total bug if above 2 or 3 blocks vertically (1 x 3 x 1) (Accuracy does not solve).

Any help?
At the bottom of this page there is probably the solution for those problems.

Can you elaborate a bit? What isn’t working?

This could be due the fact that you are applying to much force.
And also keep in mind that when your character is on air (jumping or falling) you should stop adding any force.
Usually on games (mostly fps) this doesn’t happen ie. you can walk on air with little less speed.
But this is obviously not what happens in real life, so if you want to reproduce this behaviour without getting stuck on walls you have to tweak the character control.

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Thanks for the help! Please excuse me for the lack of detail, if I can not solve that 4 bug will take a screenshot afterwards.

Please post the entire code that has anything related to Bullet.

I saw that video. That’s why I’m asking your code.

I posted on the above topic